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It is Not Just a Lawn or Garden It’s “Yours”

Soiled Roots Lawn & Garden know that you take pride in your lawn. So will we! With 20 years experience in Landscape and Construction industries, we can set you up the way you want it. We do not have a generic get in and get out style of Lawn Care. We will sit down with you and discuss the options that work best for YOU, not us. And hopefully, you will be happy with the end results. I am positive you will. But for some reason, you are not. We will do what is necessary to fix any problems.

Why Soiled Roots?

  • Because we are a local Camas, WA company.
  • We are proud to be part of the community.
  • Want our neighborhoods and businesses to look as good as possible, and that starts with a good looking & healthy lawn.
  • We honestly care about your lawn and garden and are here to help, if you need us!

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Lawn and Garden Care Year Round

Whether it’s a warm sunny afternoon and you need a one time mow and blow, or maybe its fall and the leaves have created a barricade around you. We can do it all! One time yard cleanups, weekly, bi-weekly, and Monthly services available.


I have 10+ years designing and Implementing custom designs for a commercial home flipping company. Between you and I we can Make your yard and garden beautiful.


We offer many options when it comes to maintenance. One day jobs or a monthly service and everything in between and beyond. What works for you? Thats the question.

Lawn Installs and Re-seeding

If your lawn is dead and you need to replace it. No problem. We can tear out the old dead grass, treat the soil, and plant new grass seed. Monitoring it over time to create a lush and beautiful lawn for you. We also offer a reseeding program that can help eliminate weeds in the lawn and repair the areas as needed.


If your gutters are not drained properly it can cause all sorts of problems. We offer a minor fix with french drainage systems or a hard pipe dispersed out from the gutters.

Light construction

Because of my diverse background in construction and Landscaping, I can build fences and decks ( Ground Level ) along with custom flower beds and flower pots.



Just need leaves and debris cleaned up. We can do that too! Yard debris ONLY (No garbage, scrap metal, furniture appliances or construction debris)

Working with a Friend

I am a community member first. My kids go to the local schools here in Camas and we have been here for the last 7 years and It is a great place to live. I have decided to start my own business and Soiled Roots Lawn & Garden is the first. Stay tuned in, by signing up to our email list and get coupons and info on upcoming events and new opportunities.

Dennis Jackson

Free Quote Request

Let’s Build Your Dream Yard Together

Soiled Roots is not a large company. We honestly just opened our doors to the public. What we are is; passionate, professional, skilled and we follow a code of honesty and integrity.

If you want a personal experience and not treated like just another payday. Call us and we will make things happen.

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