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Soiled Roots offers a wide range of services that can help you make your yard and garden look amazing. It doesn’t stop there we also pressure wash & snow shovel. You name it, we can do it. We also offer a wide range of maintenance contracts both commercial and residential. take a look below I am sure you will find a service we offer that you might need.


Soiled Roots is committed to enhancing our community and putting our client’s needs first. By implementing an above and beyond work ethic to your home or business lawn care needs.

Envision yourself relaxing with friends or family, eating a nice meal. Now think about being out in the rain and wind trying to rake up your leaves that keep blowing back into your face…LOL. Yeah, let us do that for you.


Custom Lawn Care

Thriving to make your lawn the best looking lawn on the block we offer string trimming, edging, and blowing with all of our mowing services.

Our ability to customize a service just for you allows us to take the necessary actions so your yard makes a great first impression on anybody who strolls on by. 

Fertilization and Weed control is also a need in a great lawn care arsenal and we can come to an agreement on what you are in need of when the time comes.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

When the weather changes seasons we all know it can be swift and unforgiving. Living here in Camas at the mouth of the Columbia River Gorge, our window for nice weather is small but glorious.

What happens during the spring is we need to clean up all the dead limbs and cut back all the shrubs to get ready for the new growth. Clean up all that was left behind from the winters snow, Ice, and rain.

The Fall is just ridiculous. Leaves, so many Leaves, and rotted that. All that new growth we cleared for last spring, it worked, but now its all on the ground and we need to pick it up again.

No problem We can handle that at the same time as a mow. Fill two needs with one deed! Look for these types of coupons. They will be around.


Bark Dust Mulch and Decorative Rock

Adding bark dust or rock to flower beds does a few things. One it can keep weeds and grass away from your house. Now that is not a permanent fix and needs routine maintenance to keep on top of the weeds. Another thing it does is add pop to the front of your home or business “Curb Appeal” some would call it. And I concur, it can make yards look really great if done correctly.

There is a drawback to having these resources up against homes though. If the materials are to close to the siding or touching it then moisture will end up rotting the siding. and if this is the case the material needs to be removed as soon as possible. Another issue is that it is a bedding area for insects. and they can make there way into your home a lot easier being so close to the foundation.

New Lawn & Reseeding

When it comes to the point of having to get a new lawn, there are a few different routes you can go.


is the very bright green sometimes it’s a bluish color. It is a special blend of chemicals and fertilizer that excels the growth of the seed with less amount of water. I have never used it but am not against it.

Sod installation

Are the already grown grass that comes in the big rolls and you amend the soil and hope the roots take in the native soil. I have done this style many times, and it’s a viable system.

Full lawn install by seed

This is more time consuming, but it produces the best product if taken care of and watered correctly. The main thing with this process is to buy the right type of seed with a small percentage of weed seeds.

Then you have your quick fix or grass repair. Fixing areas that need to be removed and new grass added. Commonly used with pet owners, where their animals have gon to the bathroom so many times in the same area it kills the grass.


Light Duty Yard Construction

So when it comes to your lawn and garden sometimes it is best to add features to it, to either help with things like water drainage or aesthetics, either way, things need to be done and we can do some of them.

Concrete Pathways or Paver Pathways

These are on the more aggressive side of lawn care. These are more costly and time-consuming types of work. With that being said it is in our scope of work and we can do fantastic things with them. This is where the artistic design comes in and is one of my favorite things to do. Together you and I can find the right pattern and flow that you are looking for. Also in this scope of work comes Concrete pads. from patios to AC units we can do it.

Decks and Fencing

My work background is full of different roads but my largest experience comes in the carpentry department. I have built several homes and have been a journey level carpenter for over 15 years. When it comes to decks and fences its kind of my thing. This type of work again is on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to labor and time. I can and will to the best of my ability, design and build you something you can cherish for many years to come. Adding value to your home like this is a great investment.



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Pressure Washing

Pressure washing or Power Washing whatever you want to call it is a great cleaning tool. It can transform your concrete areas to make them look 20 years newer. It can clean a house in a matter of a few hours. We offer this service to our clients with hesitation on some things.


My company will not do this. I have been a roofing manager in the past and I can say with confidence that pressure washing a roof removes 3-5 years off them each time it is washed with a pressure washer…. ok rant over. LOL.

Now cleaning concrete, decks, houses, barns, heck whatever you want other than a roof you got it. I will give you my service for that all day long. It’s a great tool to make your landscape look great.

Trimming & Pruning

Every year there is alot of tasks that need to be accomplished when it comes to your yard. Many items are taken care of although many are missed or just not done. And tree pruning is one of them. We are not a tree trimming service but we can take care of smaller fruit trees, dogwoods, etc. just to make it so they don’t get out of hand.

Shrubs are another story. I love me a good hydrangea or English laurel but come on this thing get out of hand so fast it crazy. Honestly, I have a blue colored hydrangea in our front yard and this thing grows to be the size of my care 2 times a year. and that’s after I cut it down to the ground. It’s nuts.

We can prune and trim your shrubs to keep the cost down in the future.


If you do not see the scope of work you are in need of on this littlelist dont shy away we can most likely do the job and do it well. There is little we shy away from. here is a small list of extras that we are experienced in.

  • Irrigation
  • Drip irrigation
  • Water dipersment
  • Gutter cleaning (low pitch only)
  • Outdoor play areas construction and install
  • Swimming pool construction and install
  • Fruit and Vegetable planting & harvesting
  • Planter box / pot Construction
  • Sandbox construction
  • screening in porches
  • exterior lighting installation
  • We also offer Handyman Services

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